UX Designer

& Researcher

I am an innovative UX generalist who applies skills in research, design, management and development to bring user interfaces to life from the first sketch to the last compile. I research. I design. I code. I lead teams.

  • Evaluate usability

  • Build UX infrastructure

  • Conduct user research 

  • Improve designs

  • Design and develop experiences from the ground up

  • Generate innovative product ideas

I use a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods of research to determine a platform's usability.

For JOOR's platform I measured efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction using task completion analysis, timing tasks and navigation, system usability scale (SUS) surveys, user interviews, ethnographic research, and tracking the amount of supplementary tools and workflows our users use to augment our app.

I help companies build infrastructure to improve design, usability and research. 

  • I study the ecosystem surrounding design and UX, formulating processes tailored to the specific company's workflow, deadlines, and budget. 
  • I streamline and centralize information by building an organized database of designs, research and industry information.
  • I construct process documents and templates.
The strides I made in building in UX research and testing at JOOR has saved over a month of dev time

I use qualitative and quantitative methods to conduct thorough user research.

At both JOOR and Aurora I used affinity mapping, card sorting, ethnographic research, user interviews, SUS surveys, and user testing to conclude user's pain points and their needs to improve our designs  

I use user research and my knowledge of UI/UX and graphic design to revise and improve user interfaces.

At Aurora I redesigned an app used to request autonomous rescue vehicles in emergency situations. The app needed to be greatly improved in order to ensure intuitiveness and save lives 
At JOOR I redesigned one of our clients' major pain points on and off the JOOR platform
Since evaluating and improving usability, our platform's SUS increased to 71.6

I use my project planning skills and my knowledge of the UX/UI pipeline to build applications and new experiences from scratch

I research, wireframe, design mocks, iterate, and even develop and code the interfaces
Beta app
Qt Quick

I innovate and brainstorm novel products, features and designs and encourage my coworkers to do the same.

At JOOR and Aurora I facilitated a 4-day design workshop where the design team evaluated our full experience and brainstormed novel concepts that will push our product to the forefront of technology, and thus at the forefront of the industry.

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